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Anya Overmann



Anya’s Motivation as Secretary

“As someone who grew up in Ethical Culture, I see the need for a major transformation in the American Ethical Union. The challenges and decisions we face around this transformation must be well-documented by a secretary earnestly invested in that transformation.” 

Anya’s Background

Anya was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Her ex-Catholic parents found the Ethical Society of St. Louis when Anya was in Kindergarten, so she had the unique fortune of growing up in the Ethical Culture movement. Anya is a quick learner and tenacious worker, completing a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Public Communication in three years. She started her business in 2017 as a professional writer and content strategist providing services like website writing, blog writing, email marketing, sales copywriting, and book ghostwriting and editing. Then Anya became a digital nomad in 2020, traveling the world COVID-consciously as she works remotely with clients on a flexible schedule. Anya has now lived in over 20 different countries on five continents and has humanist connections worldwide. She knows enough Spanish to call herself a “clumsy bilingual” and even spoke on a Mexican humanist panel earlier this year.

Anya considers herself a systems thinker who filters critical thought through the lens of the larger systems that impact our lives. This has led her to become outspoken about white supremacy culture, hetero-patriarchal culture, capitalism, ableism, and other forms of elitism and how these systems intersect to oppress human beings. These themes often come through in her writing and speaking. Anya seeks to connect with brave people who want to examine these systems and help guide them in investigating how they have deeply indoctrinated us.

Anya & Ethical Culture

Anya attended the Sunday Ethical Education for Kids (SEEK) program from Kindergarten through high school. She became a leader of her youth group at the Ethical Society of St. Louis in high school. After graduating, she took on some leadership roles with the Future of Ethical Societies (FES). In 2015, Anya began representing FES internationally at assemblies for Young Humanists International (YHI), and that same year she began serving in leadership roles for Young Humanists International. Anya has a deep network of humanists around the US and the globe. She even has a podcast called “The Nomadic Humanist,” sponsored by Atheists United in Los Angeles. 

Anya’s Board & Officer Experience

Anya has served on the American Ethical Union Board for the past year and was elected to step in as Acting Secretary for several months while the Secretary took a medical leave of absence. She also served on the Humanists International Board as President of Young Humanists International 2020-2022. Anya also served on the board of a local chamber of commerce (Webster Groves, Shrewsbury, and Rock Hill Chamber of Commerce) in St. Louis from 2019-2020.