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Anthony Cruz Pantojas, MATS, MALS, Ph.D. Candidate

(They/He Elle/Él)


Anthony’s Motivation as Director

“There is an urgent need for young Humanists and nontheists to occupy positions of service, care, and presence. Serving as a director on this Board allows me to bring reflexive inquiry, organizational dynamics, offer mentorship, and systems change thinking to the larger movement.”

Anthony’s Background

Anthony is a bilingual doctoral candidate in Cultural Studies, originally from Puerto Rico. They serve as the Humanist Chaplain at Tufts University and are the inaugural graduate student in the Anti-Racist Curatorial Practice Program. Anthony has been recognized with numerous awards, including an Interfaith Innovation Fellowship sponsored by Interfaith America. They spearhead an initiative for global majority first-generation emerging cultural, spiritual, and ethical leaders. Cruz Pantojas earned master’s degrees in Theological Studies and Leadership Studies from Andover Newton Theological School and Meadville Lombard Theological School, respectively. Additionally, they hold a Certificate in Humanist Studies from the American Humanist Association Center for Education, where they were the program’s first graduate.

Anthony is an innovative spiritual director and scholar who redefines spiritual accompaniment with decolonial praxis. Challenging prevailing narratives and power structures, Anthony works towards liberation and healing. Through curated transformative experiences blending art, spirituality, and community engagement, they foster a transcultural approach to spiritual exploration. Grounded in Afro-Caribbean humanist and freethought philosophies, Anthony promotes critical thinking and self-discovery, inspiring individuals to question and reimagine their inner and outer worlds. Their scholarly contributions expand spiritual knowledge by integrating embodied perspectives and honoring marginalized epistemes/knowledges. With a liberatory praxis, Anthony unapologetically empowers individuals and communities to rethink and embody their spiritual and inner life. 

Anthony & Ethical Culture

Anthony was introduced to Ethical Culture through the Humanist Institute in 2015. They did a summer apprenticeship at the Washington Ethical Society in 2018. They were a presenter at the Uproot and Reseed: Decolonizing Ethical Humanism An Experiential, Experimental Workshop at the Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture in 2019. Anthony has been a Susquehanna Valley Ethical Society member since May 2020. They began serving as Associate Clergy at Susquehanna Valley Ethical Society in June 2022. Their role involves coordinating opportunities for humanistic inquiry in everyday life, spearheading educational programming, and pastoral/spiritual care. They also work on participatory action activism and food insecurity with the small congregation in Lewisburg, PA. 

Anthony’s Board & Officer Experience

Anthony has a wealth of non-profit and humanist board experience. They were first introduced to board leadership by serving in the Latinx Humanist Alliance, an affiliate of the American Humanist Association in 2020, and later becoming Co-Chair. They have served on the Secular Coalition of America Board and the Association for Chaplaincy and Spiritual Life in Higher Education since January 2022. They also serve on the Education Committee for the American Humanist Association Center for Education and as an Advisory Committee Member for Spiritual Care by and for the Unaffiliated with the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab, sponsored by Fetzer Institute. Anthony’s role as the Humanist Chaplain at Tufts University involves spearheading fundraising initiatives with students, alums, and new partners and procuring grants for innovative programming. These skills give Anthony an understanding of budgets and financial management, which will serve them well as treasurer.